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Who are we?

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Our Vision- Prepare all people to compete in sport + life 

Our Mission- Set the standards for purposeful training giving you the Ability To Perform

Brand Essence- Be Prepared

Brand Position- To competitors, aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking an edge in having the Ability To Perform in any situation. ATP uses the only integrated and customized BMS Training System designed to systematically and purposefully improve all aspects of athleticism.  ATP prepares all athletes (recreational, professional) physically and mentally to take on whatever challenges the game or life may throw at them.

Our unique BMS Training System focuses on the development of Balance, Movement and Strength. ATP workouts are the foundational building blocks for reaching the pinnacle of performance, health, and fitness potential.  This cohesive system is strung together in a way to get the most out of all who use it.  This is your performance DNA. Like regular DNA, performance DNA may look different for everyone, but it is made up of the same common crucial elements.


Coach Dan Medves and Coach Ben Rossi