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InMotion, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, is a community-based wellness center for people with Parkinson’s disease and their families.  The center offers an array of services at no charge, under one roof, in a dynamic and welcoming setting.

Each of our five founders, Dr. Karen Jaffe, Dr. David Riley, Allan Goldberg, Lee Handel and Ben Rossi have a connection to Parkinson’s disease (PD).  Dr. Jaffe, an Ob/Gyn, was diagnosed at age 47, resulting in an early retirement from her medical practice 5 years later. Dr. Riley, a neurologist and former Department Chairman at University Hospitals of Cleveland, is also a Movement Disorder specialist; Allan Goldberg, and Lee Handel, both successful businessmen and philanthropists living with PD for over 10 years (now deceased) had a keen understanding of the struggles persons with Parkinson’s (PWP) face. Ben Rossi, a certified PD trainer, had many clients asking him to tailor their exercise sessions in order to mitigate some of the physical symptoms of their PD. In 2013, these five people came together with the belief that having a center designed for the person dealing with PD where offerings were abundant and free of charge was what was needed.

Determined to fill the gap in much needed services for those living with PD, InMotion set out to create something that didn’t previously exist. Since opening our doors in March 2015, InMotion now serves hundreds of persons with PD and their families. Cognizant of our Mission, Vision and Values statements,  InMotion is successfully implementing it's programming under a large community umbrella; a community that fosters a sense of belonging, without stigma and which, as a result, brings people back on a regular basis.

To fully appreciate all that InMotion is and does is to step into the InMotion community.  We invite you for a visit!  Short of a real visit, please copy the link to make a virtual visit:

InMotion has much to be proud of.   Our program offerings, many being evidence-based, are recommended by physicians as part of a treatment plan for persons with the disease and indeed are helping PWP and their carepartners feel better every day.  The following is a list of the InMotion offerings (all free of charge):

Better Every Day- Our Signature Physical Wellness Exercise Program  
Rock Steady Boxing 

Tai Chi
Mindful Movement Yoga 
Art therapy
Music therapy
Drumming Circle
LSVT Big/Loud2

Support Groups
P2P (person to person)

 Lecture Series
Ask the Doctor
The Bill and Sally Greene Lecture Series

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