​​Readiness to take on the game of life…

Ability to Perform is Performance training for all people.  The essence of our brand is to be prepared, Ready Always…Always Ready.  We consider everyone as an athlete, when playing is your sport, when training is your sport, or when competing is your sport.  The training system at ATP is Balance-Movement- Strength, synergistically when these elements are combined, a person’s ability to perform improves.  Developing self-efficacy combined with an athletic body will give individuals the physical confidence to take on any challenge that life presents. Readiness is the foundation of living a vibrant life.

Who are we?

Coach Dan Medves and Coach Ben Rossi

Listen to the "In Practice" Podcast to learn more about Ben's fitness journey.

​  OUR causes

Caring for our Community...

We are proud to work with our Wounded Veterans and people with Parkinson's Disease, helping individuals train through their disability to enable them to live richer, fuller lives. Much of our work is done pro bono or at significantly reduced rates.  Please contact Ben or Dan for more information.


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Come visit our beautiful 7,000sqft. facility outfitted with all the functional equipment you could ever need for a total body workout guided by the best coaches in town. ATP also offers locker rooms set up with showers so you can pop in for a workout any time of the day. ATP isn't just a gym it's a lifestyle center where you can come focus on your goals in a clean, professional and motivating environment.

  •  Rogue Power Racks and Bumper Plates
  •  Treadmills, Rowers and Assault Bikes
  •  Kettle bells and free weights
  •  Prowlers & Sleds
  •  Suspension and RIP Trainers
  •  Training Ropes
  •  Ultimate Sandbags
  •  Plyometric Boxes
  • Medicine Balls

 And many more toys for your workouts